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Precious and Semi-precious Gemstones

Cabochons Stone

Cut Stone

Special Cut Stone

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The finished gemstones are needed all over the world by designers to keep bringing new designs from their designer minds. We trade in all precious gemstones, semi precious gemstones in all shapes and sizes. we supply gemstones in wholesale.

We deal in gemstones, precious gems, semi-precious gems, cut stone, cabochons in all shapes like cushion, bullet, diamond, emerald, ovals, round, square, trillion, checker cut, pear shape etc. We also supply gemstones in special cut like fancy , briolette, carving etc. in mostly all gemstones. Supplying loose gemstones and gems beads to countries like, USA, UK, Australia, and other European countries.

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Gemstones cabochons from India-  

cushion shape gemstones pear shape gemstones
emerald cut gemstones rose cut gemstones

Check the glittering gemstones, semi-precious gemstone cabochons in cushion, bullet, diamond, emerald cut, linsen, moonstone, ovals, pear shape, rose cut, round, square, trillian shapes


Gemstones Cut Stones from India

baggets in gems heart shape gemstones
gems briolette famous trillion shape gemstones

A very special range of gemstones cut shapes in baggets, briolettes, checker board, emerald cut, heart shape, marquise, ovals, round, square, triliian shapes


Gemstones in Special Cuts from India

buff top mix gems fancy carving on gemstones
fancy gemstones fancy special cut pear shape in gems

Precious & semi-precious gemstones also available in special cuts like buff top mix, buf top pentagon, half drill ball, double side checker board, fancy carvings and other fancy shapes.

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92.5 sterling silver jewelry from India


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This website is not only for gemstones of india  but we are also trying to provide other information like other precious and semi-precious gemstones india containing pictures for color gemstones, cut stones in Precious and semi-precious gemstones which can be made available in  UK, USA and India. if you are searching for   gemstone india, precious gems, semi-precious gems , cabochons india, cut stone india this website is the right place.